Guided tour of Enholmen
Guided tour of Enholmen
Guided tour of Enholmen
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Guided tour of Enholmen

At the harbour in Slite, take the boat to Enholmen. The price includes a guided tour of Karlsvärd's fortress and the eastern defense, the donjon. Also opportunities for your own hiking around the island.

On the open fishing boat Linnea we are a maximum of 12 people and the guiding takes place mainly outdoors.

After the peace of Brömsebro in 1645, Enholmen became interesting to fortify. Karlsvärd's fortress was built with five bastions. On Enholmen there is also a lime kiln from the construction of the fortress. The fortress was demolished in 1788 as it was considered unsuitable and useless and too costly.

In 1831, the first cholera hospital in Sweden was built here. When the Crimean War broke out in 1853, the Baltic Sea became a theatre of war and Slite was declared a war port and Enholmen was to be fortified. The cholera hospital was then moved to the island of Asunden. Two fortifications, donjons, were erected, which were completed in 1858 and are still clearly visible from the Gotland mainland today.

The island has been manned during the two world wars and during the 1990s a mine station was built here. It was not until 2011 that the island was demilitarized and the Fortifications Agency was commissioned to sell Enholmen, which the locals strongly opposed. The island remains owned by the state. The Fortifications Agency is putting a lot of resources and has so far restored the quay, prepared footpaths and temporary toilets. Today, the National Property Board of Sweden owns the island. Together with businesses in Slite, they are working to make Enholmen an attractive destination.

You walk around the island in about 30 minutes. Good opportunities for swimming, hiking and your own thoughts about what may have happened on the island. You bring your own water and food. You also carry all the rubbish back with you.

The first round of TV4's "The Secrets of the Elite Force" was filmed at Enholmen and at several other places in northern Gotland.

The transport is by fishing boat that departs from the port of Slite every Tuesday between 25/6-6/8. The boat ride takes 10 minutes in each direction. Min 6 people max 12 people per trip. Children 0-12 years, 160 SEK. Others 320 kr. Please specify the number of children in connection with your booking.

The price includes a guided tour of Karlsvärd's fortress and the eastern defense, the donjon. The donjon is only open in connection with guided tours. The guided tour begins when everyone has disembarked from the last boat.