Stone Carving Course
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Stone Carving Course

In beautiful nature close to the sea we carve gotlandic limestone with hand tools. If you want to carve stone – you can. All you need is your will. The stone wants to cooperate with you - I’ll show you how. Stone, tools, glasses, all inclusive. Welcome!

About the one day stone carving course
We carve gotlandic limestone with hammer and chisel. We stand outside under roof. We wear protective eyeglasses. The tools are light, the hammer weigh 400 grammes. We need to be able to use an ordinary hammer for nailing. Parents need to participate together with their children. No preknowledge is needed.

Stone carving with Linus Alfredsson on Gotland
In beautiful nature on the island of Gotland, close to the sea, you get to know how you shape gotlandic limestone with simple hand tools. It is easy to learn how to use the tools. You don’t need to be strong. It is your will that matters. Chip by chip the form of the stone changes. To stop and find an inner peace in the now and the creative process is part of the experience. What you see in the stone is what you can carve forth more and more. The form – your part of Gotland – you bring home with you. Welcome!

Linus Alfredsson has been holding stone carving courses since 1996. Almost 2000 people has learned carving stone through one one of his courses. ”Something always happen in gotlandic limestone with it’s beautiful crystalls and fossils – and what happens we can learn from – that’s why it’s so easy to learn stone carving on Gotland” says Linus.

Gotlandic Limestone was created 400 million years ago when what is now Gotland was a warm shallow seabed close to the equator. Layer after layer of shells from coral, octopus and other animals was transformed into stone by it’s own weight.